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Georgia Tech’s New Tech Transfer Web Site Is Up and Running!

Update: Check out this article on The IP Marketing Blog for more information about this Web site effort.

I’m very excited to have had the opportunity to work with my Fuentek colleagues on redesigning the Web site for Georgia Tech’s trio of technology commercialization offices. The new site brings together the activities of Georgia Tech’s Office of Technology Licensing, Enterprise Innovation Institute, and Industry Contracting Office—all under one user-friendly domain that makes it easy for innovators, researchers, and potential partners to learn more about technology transfer at Georgia Tech.

As you look at Georgia Tech’s site, you might pick up on the fact that it was designed to foster community collaboration with businesses, community leaders, and stakeholders. A different approach was taken with the tech transfer Web site for NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center. That’s because the two offices had very different goals.

Of course, the goals for a tech transfer office (TTO) can change over time. How current is your TTO Web site? If it is more than 4 or 5 years old, now is probably a good time to get the site into pace with the evolving goals of your TTO. Remember: Your Web site is the doorway through which licensees, collaborators, and innovators enter your TTO. To be effective, your Web site must be aligned with your TTO’s goals.

Working with [Fuentek] that had knowledge and understanding of university technology commercialization was instrumental in our ability to capture these complex processes in a user-friendly way. The Web site is the cornerstone of our efforts to make it easier to do business with Georgia Tech.”
–Kevin Wozniak, director of the Office of Technology Licensing, Georgia Tech Research Corporation

As you look critically at your Web site, ask yourself: What is currently the office’s main goal? For a lot of TTOs, the answer is, “Marketing technologies and getting licensing deals.” For others, there is a need to establish or enhance their credibility and become known as a key source for innovation, so their answer is, “Building our brand.” Still others have a more community-building focus, where the goal is, “Build relationships with our innovators and stakeholders.” Whatever your goal (or goals), design your Web site accordingly.

If you are thinking about revamping your Web site, check out our insights about your online presence. Looking ahead, I will be hosting a session on this topic at the 2012 AUTM® Annual Meeting.

Strategizing Web sites and redesigning them for TTOs is something that Fuentek places a lot of importance on. We feel that a successful site, using key best practices unique to our industry, can significantly improve a TTO’s licensing and partnering prospects. Contact us to discuss how Fuentek can add value to your Web site.

Do you have a recently updated Web site? Add a comment below so we can all check it out.