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Help for Industry: Collaborating with Universities and Government Labs

One Plus 1 is More Than TwoFor technology-based companies, universities and government labs are a great resource for reducing the risk, cost, and time to market for new products. Not only have they extensive capabilities, expertise, and intellectual property (IP) portfolios, but they also have a growing interest in collaborating with industry. Companies wanting to pursue partnerships with university/government labs now have a new resource to consult for how-to advice.

The January/February 2016 issue of Research-Technology Management (the journal of the Industrial Research Institute) has published Collaborating with Universities and Government Labs, an article I co-authored with Dr. Richard W. Chylla of Michigan State University (MSU). And a free webinar is offered.

The RTM article includes key advice and insights on:

  • The differences in culture and policies at university/government labs and how to negotiate terms that address those differences while meeting your company’s needs
  • How to search for and identify appropriate potential partners in the academic/public sector
  • The various agreement mechanisms that these labs typically use when collaborating with industry, particularly CRADAs (cooperative research and development agreements)
  • Government programs that facilitate industry-university collaborations

The RTM article — and the complementary free webinar — draws upon my experiences helping Fuentek clients form such collaborations as well as Rich’s experience as executive director of MSU Technologies. (Regular readers of the Fuentek blog might recall that Rich and I co-authored a related post last fall.) We have seen first hand how high-tech companies can strategically pursue collaborations with universities and government labs and secure partnerships that improve their competitive position.

Helping form these types of collaborations is part of what we do here at Fuentek.  If your company needs the insight of a consulting firm with more than 15 years’ experience in industry-university/government partnerships, contact Fuentek today.