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How-To Tips for Corporate Licensing Officers Looking for University/Government Technologies

Universities and government labs — especially in the United States — are keen to transfer technologies into commercial ventures. It can be tough, but not impossible, for corporates to engage with those organisations and find those innovations.

Laura Schoppe's article "Cutting-Edge Tech: A How-To Guide for Corporate Licensing Officers" appeared in issue 67 of IAM magazine

Laura Schoppe’s article “Cutting-Edge Tech: A How-To Guide for Corporate Licensing Officers” appeared in issue 67 of IAM magazine

So begins an article I was asked to write for Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) magazine. Entitled “Cutting-Edge Tech: A How-To Guide for Corporate Licensing Officers,” this article is now available for free download, along with many other of Fuentek’s in-depth insights(Thanks, IAM, for granting reprint permission.)

I was pleased to have the opportunity to encourage and empower private companies to tap into the innovations emerging from U.S. universities and government labs. Having supported academic and federal technology transfer offices (TTOs) for over a decade, Fuentek knows that there are hundreds of discoveries and inventions in these labs that can address the technical challenges faced by the industry sector.

We also know that frequently there is a disconnect between these sectors that can inhibit (or, worse yet, prevent) technology transfer success.

In some cases, the challenge lies in finding the available innovations. Now, thanks to the Global Technology Portal of the Association of University Technology Managers® — not to mention nearly a dozen other online sources listed in my IAM article — those technologies are getting easier to find. (I also included some suggestions for searching the databases and portals strategically, which Fuentek has found to be very effective as we conduct market research and competitive intelligence analysis for our clients.)

The other common challenge for commercial enterprises wanting to access university/government inventions is tied to differences in the corporate environment and that of academic, government, or even not-for-profit organizations. My IAM article is designed to expand the insights Fuentek has provided on licensing, collaborations, sponsored research agreements (SRAs) involving university/government labs by giving corporate licensing officers specific guidance on how to engage with these institutions, including:

  • How to secure buy-in from the faculty/researcher inventors that almost invariably need to be involved in the technology transfer process
  • Tips for engaging with TTOs before, during, and after preliminary conversations
  • How to proceed efficiently through negotiations
  • An action plan for doing your homework before embarking on the overall process

Again, all of this advice is informed by years of experience in providing a wide range of services to connect industry, academia, and government, turning research and development and into successful technology transfer and business development.

We think you’ll find the IAM article helpful, and we’re pleased to be able to make it available at no charge. To download the article, simply fill out the basic registration information on our In-Depth Insights page — we will never sell, rent, or otherwise share your e-mail address with a third party. Feel free to access our other papers, webcasts, and podcasts while you’re there.

Is your company wanting more help as you tap into the innovations emerging from universities and government labs? Send me a message and let’s talk about exactly how Fuentek can bring value to your organization.