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Introducing a Nervous System for Your Business Information

NASA Ames’ PMT software enables seamless info transmission between programs

PMT acts as the nervous system of business information across complex organizations, making data dissemination seamless, consistent, and timely for truly meaningful connections.

Innovators at NASA’s Ames Research Center have been using their own Program Management Tool (PMT) software to manage all the projects in one of its $500 million research and development programs. And now they are offering the PMT tool to licensees to reap the benefits of this advanced application that helps users find and make the best use of consistent, timely, and relevant business information.

It’s a nervous system of sorts for business data—leading to better project and program decisions and plans.

PMT is:

  • Efficient: Rapidly sends vital information between program stakeholders
  • Productive: Enables program plans to move ahead quickly, consistently, and efficiently
  • Cost effective: Dramatically reduces labor-intensive data gathering and reporting efforts
  • Timely: Helps program managers react proactively to program and business changes
  • User friendly: Allows data input and output using standard electronic business documents

What makes PMT so great is its ability to streamline a complex, hierarchical business structure by seamlessly sending data between managers using different data views. This helps eliminate data discrepancies and provides a way to make decision-impacting information more consistent and timely.

PMT runs on top of Ames’ advanced NETMARK software and is built on industry standards like XML, so it can integrate many different data types across the organization and deliver them in the needed format.

The result? Truly meaningful connections between multiple sources across the organization—saving time and resources while significantly improving efficiency.

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–By Karen Hiser