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Get the Know-How on Using Inventor Podcasts to Market Technologies

When giving prospects expert information about a technology available for licensing, there’s nothing like getting the facts straight from the horse’s mouth. Or, in our case, the inventor’s mouth!

Download the free webcast on How to Use Inventor Podcasts for Tech Marketing!


For some of Fuentek’s efforts to secure licensees or partners for client technologies, the inventor has played a key role. Inventors add a perspective that few others can bring to the table, and they can lend extremely important credibility to your marketing message.

One great way to use inventors effectively in technology marketing is to have them record podcasts about their technologies. This way, potential licensees can get the scoop at their convenience, without flying an inventor to a customer meeting location and taking them away from their primary job of R&D. You can hear a sample inventor podcast here.

But a podcast is only as valuable as the preparation that goes into it. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be an arduous task—a little time and planning go a long way.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a free webcast to give you in-depth insight into preparing inventor podcasts for technology marketing. In less than 5 minutes, you’ll get details about:

  • Identifying when to use an inventor podcast as part of the marketing effort
  • Preparing the inventor for the recording session
  • Knowing when to let the inventor wing it… and when to script responses
  • Choosing a location for recording
  • Distributing your podcast online

Register here (don’t worry—we won’t share your info with anyone!) to download this informative webcast. BTW, the free webcast was derived from the webinar How I Rode the Social Media Wave: Lessons Learned from a Technology Marketing Effort, which is available as a recording.

Do any of you have lessons learned to share about doing inventor podcasts? Add a comment below or send us a private message via our Contact Us page.

–By Karen Hiser