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Staying on TOP of your IP Asset Management Database System Project: Part I – Introduction

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a four-post series examining Fuentek’s lessons learned from managing IP Asset Management (IPAM) database system migration projects. Subsequent posts will focus on the three critical elements of a successful systems implementation.

In my previous posts about Utilizing an IP Asset Management Database to Enhance Your Marketing Efforts, I provided the business case for utilizing a robust IPAM solution for your Technology Transfer Office (TTO). But what if you need to migrate to a new system? There are a number of drivers that might prompt your organization to consider migrating to a new solution, including:

  • Migrating to a Web-based IPAM solution that is more intuitive and is easier to access, maintain, and enhance
  • Migrating to a new IPAM solution that provides higher reliability and improved customer service, and is more cost effective
  • Migrating to a more robust IPAM solution that will scale to meet the increased volume of transactions that your office is managing and provide you with comprehensive reporting and management capabilities
  • Migrating to a more comprehensive IPAM solution that provides support across your entire intellectual property (IP) lifecycle

Regardless of the reason, making a decision to investigate and evaluate alternatives to your existing IPAM database system is a very challenging and often underestimated endeavor. When initiating an IPAM migration project, it is essential to stay on top of your mission through careful planning of the following three critical areas that will position you for success:

  • Technology: Selecting the right solution and solution partners
  • Organization: Anticipating the migration’s impact on your organization and proactively developing and implementing a successful change management program
  • Process: Assembling the right project team and developing a practical project plan to position your organization for a successful implementation

Visit our blog again in the coming days to learn more about how the key elements of Technology, Organization, and Process should be considered prior to initiating the evaluation, selection, and implementation of your new IPAM solution.

And in the meantime, let us know: What challenges have you faced while migrating to a new IPAM solution?

–By Jack Spain