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She Said It! Favorite Quotes from 2011’s Shared Wisdom Calendar

As we head back to work, still full of gratitude (and mashed potatoes!) from the gatherings of the holiday, I find I have another reason to be thankful: I’ve been selected among hundreds of candidates to be featured on the 2012 Woman’s Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar. The calendar features daily advice from successful women business owners across the United States and Canada on topics such as strategy, team building, marketing, and finance.

As a female owner of a small business, I am quite passionate about helping other women business owners reach their goals and be successful. So anything I can do to provide advice and useful information is an honor and a privilege. And the calendar is one small, fun way to do that!

I’ve been in this calendar for a few years now. My quote for 2011, which will appear on December 19th, was: “Be honest even if it means turning down or losing the job. Money isn’t worth your ethics and integrity.” This advice is reflected in Fuentek’s core values and is essential to our work. We must believe in what we are doing if we are to be successful in guiding our clients and gaining their trust and respect.

My quote that was selected for 2012 was: “Don’t jump blindly onto the latest craze. Think about the costs and consequences.” If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you can probably guess that I had crowdsourcing in mind when I came up with that one!

The calendar is packed with other sage tips that I love. Some of my favorites from 2011:

“Experts who share resources always win! Share some of your expertise today.” – Michelle Shelley, Go-2 Girlz

“Lead by example. Hire and trust great people.” – Cyndi Tetro, Women Tech Council

“Networking is simply an intimidating word for making new friends.” – Patricia R. Carley, Esq., Law Offices of Patricia R. Carley, LLC

“If you don’t know, then know who does.” – Linda Arroz, Makeover Media

Get a jump on your holiday shopping for the businesswomen in your life. I hear tell the 2012 calendar makes a great stocking stuffer! 🙂