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Looking Forward to #AUTM2020 in San Diego

Update: Although the AUTM 2020 national meeting was cancelled, Fuentek’s two sessions were made available as webinars. See links below for more information.

Members of the Fuentek team will be joining hundreds of other technology transfer professionals from across the United States and around the world in San Diego, California, for the AUTM 2020 national meeting. Today’s post gives you a preview of two sessions we’re involved in as well as this year’s giveaways at Booth #504. And don’t miss Laura’s advice on how to get the most out of AUTM 2020.

(left to right) Fuentek’s Danielle McCulloch, Becky Stoughton, and Laura Schoppe will be at Booth #504 at AUTM 2020 along with Fuentek consultant Cathy Innes.

Tenure and Promotion Trends: Current Initiatives to Take Commercialization Into Account
Presented as an AUTM Webinar • More info here

Five years ago, the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU) issued a report calling on its member institutions to include technology transfer, innovation, and entrepreneurship accomplishments in the promotion and tenure (P&T) review process. At that time, APLU had identified 40 institutions that considered tech transfer activities in making P&T decisions. In the half-decade that followed, even more universities — public and private — have included patents, industry-sponsored research, and other related activities into P&T criteria. This session will examine a range of issues associated with including tech transfer in P&T reviews:

  • Why it’s important to add tech transfer to the P&T criteria
  • How to approach adding such criteria to the P&T review process
  • How to determine the impact of incorporating tech transfer into P&T

If you’d like to prepare a little in advance, check out this post about the regional meeting session on this topic as well as this Q&A post about the Promotion & Tenure Innovation & Entrepreneurship (PTIE) Coalition.

(left to right) Fuentek’s Danielle McCulloch joins Rich Carter of Oregon State and Justin Streuli of the Univ. of North Carolina–Greensboro to discuss P&T trends.

Strategies for Commercializing IP When the Customer Is the U.S. Federal Government
Presented as a Fuentek Webinar • More info here

The Bayh-Dole Act provides the federal government with a “nonexclusive, nontransferable, irrevocable, paid-up license” to technologies developed with federal funding. But this provision is not as simple and straightforward to follow as you might think. Questions abound when your licensee’s products containing your federally funded IP are purchased by government customers:

  • Should the licensee deduct the royalty from the sales price when selling to the federal government?
  • What if the customer is a state or local government?
  • What if the customer is a foreign government that has a treaty with the United States?
  • What if the licensee’s product becomes a component within another company’s line of products that the federal government buys?
  • What about IP where the federal government appears to be the only potential customer? Should you even bother patenting it? What are the pros and cons?

This session will answer these and many other questions as well as and provide practical advice for structuring agreements involving federally funded IP. We’ll discuss the limits and exceptions to the federal government’s rights in each scenario as well as how to think through the tech transfer office’s obligations.

(left to right) Fuentek’s Laura Schoppe joins Zane Gernhart and Cheryl Horst of the Univ. of Nebraska–Lincoln along with Mike Paulus of Oak Ridge National Laboratory to discuss how to think through the tech transfer office’s obligations in these less-than-straightforward situations.

Visit Fuentek at Exhibit Hall Booth #504

We encourage all technology transfer professionals—whether from a university, corporation, research institute, or government lab—to stop by the Fuentek booth sometime when the Exhibit Hall is open. Not only can you talk about your TTO’s challenges  and how Fuentek can help, but we also have two excellent handouts that you won’t want to pass up:

Remember: The Exhibit Hall closes for good at 4pm on Tuesday, so don’t wait until the last day of the conference to visit Booth #504. Or feel free to use AUTM Connect to schedule a time with one of the folks from Fuentek who will be in San Diego: Laura Schoppe, Cathy Innes, Danielle McCulloch, and Becky Stoughton.

Safe travels!