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Marketing Your Technologies Online

Online listings are a great way to market technologies—whether you are actively seeking licensees or passively marketing the technology to potential partners/licensees who are surfing the Web looking for solutions to their technical challenges. Fuentek has developed a proven strategy for marketing technologies online, and in a new webcast about online tech marketing we share some great insights about how (and why) to take advantage of this great medium. We show you what an effective technology marketing Web page looks like, with info about the must-have elements to include and a real-world example for further insight.

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This webcast adds to others we’ve recently blogged about to help you gain more tips on technology marketing: using blogs to market technologies and using inventor podcasts to market technologies.

These webcasts are excerpted from our full webinar video, How I Rode the Social Media Wave: Lessons Learned from a Technology Marketing Effort. We highly recommend the full video to give you many more details about this topic.

Finally, if you’re as excited about digital media marketing as I am, check out this interview I did for an IP Marketing Advisor article: Digital Media Can Make Your IP Come to Life.