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Looking for a Few Good Conferences… in Medical Device, Nanotech, Cleantech Industries

As vice president of strategic alliances for the Association of University Technology Managers®, I am working on an effort to expand AUTM’s connections with companies in the physical sciences. You can help by answering this question…

Which medical device, nanotech, and cleantech industry conferences:

1. Are well attended by key industry players, preferably medium-to-large companies?

2. Have attendees that are decision makers for R & D, product development, or licensing?


3. Provide a forum for targeted networking (à la speed-dating or online meeting scheduling)?

The BIO International Convention is an example of the kind of conference I’m talking about. AUTM already has a strong relationship with BIO, which gives the association a strong pharma presence. But AUTM would like its members to have more interactions with companies in the medical device, cleantech, and nanotech industries.

These interactions ideally will lead to increased licensing of university technologies and/or partnering with university researchers—a win-win for the universities and the companies that can tap into academic innovations to solve their technical challenges.

Some of the conferences we’re hearing about include AdvaMed or TechConnect World — have you attended either of these conferences? If you have, do you think there’s a match with the three criteria above? Your candor will be greatly appreciated—use the Contact Us page on Fuentek’s Web site or e-mail me at


What other leading conferences focused on the medical device, nanotech, or cleantech industries should AUTM look into, given the three criteria listed above? Again, use the Contact Us page on Fuentek’s Web site or e-mail me at


AUTM plans to attend key conferences in 2011-2012 in order to: (1) educate companies at those conferences about AUTM and the value of networking with universities at AUTM conferences and (2) determine if these industry conferences would be of value for AUTM members to attend in the future.

Thanks for your help!

Laura A. Schoppe