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NASA Device Offers Faster Data Storage and Retrieval

A new data storage device developed and patented by innovators at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center uses high-density ferroelectric memory to store electronic information as a digital or analog signal and then convert it back to the original data format. The device provides high memory density, is resistant to environmental aging and radiation exposure, and can be constructed using commercially available technologies. Fuentek is helping NASA make this intellectual property available for licensing via its technology transfer program.

What makes this innovation exciting is the increase in data that can be stored per square millimeter of chip area and the fact that it writes data much faster than Flash or EEPROM circuits—so it’s fast enough to be used directly for memory storage in computer CPUs. And the ferroelectric transistor can be written to an unlimited number of times, greatly increasing the device’s lifetime.

This exciting new memory storage and retrieval device can be applied to many commercial uses, such as:

  • High-speed computer RAM
  • Analog sensor data storage
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) systems

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