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A NASA Dryden Fiber Optic Technology Makes Its Way into the Marketplace

NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center has signed a licensing deal with 4DSP. Fiber Optics
I for one am pretty excited about this tech transfer success because Fuentek has supported Dryden in this effort. (Editor’s note: NASA has since renamed the center after Neil Armstrong.)

Long-time readers might remember we blogged about this fiber optic shape sensing technology before. But our support of Dryden didn’t begin there. We actually started off with a market-based assessment of the technology’s suite of innovations. We have blogged a little bit about market-based technology assessments before, and we plan to cover this topic in more depth in the weeks ahead. But, in a nutshell, Fuentek’s assessments are used to plan for effective and cost-efficient commercialization. They are the “homework” that is essential to proactive, strategic technology marketing.

For Dryden’s fiber optic technology, our assessment recommended that NASA proceed with a marketing campaign to reach a wide range of potential partners. The tech transfer folks at Dryden agreed, so we were off and running. We used the assessment research to assemble a list of high-potential industry prospects, which we vetted to make sure each was truly a good match for NASA and the technology.

The assessment also mapped out the core of the marketing strategy, including a Web page and the aforementioned blog post. Our campaign also had us reaching out to potential licensees via e-mail and phone, providing additional information to prospects that had a serious interest in licensing. We collaborated with NASA to evaluate the nature of each prospect’s interest and initiate the licensing process.

Webinar: Stop Reacting, Start Proacting: Planning for Strategic Technology MarketingThis strategic support and due diligence helped Dryden’s Innovative Partnerships Office develop a clear understanding of the market and the commercial value of the technology. As a result, the office was able to successfully execute a strong license with 4DSP.

Do any of you use a similar process to plan for proactive technology marketing? Leave a comment below or contact us privately via our Web site.

Oh, and you can read more about Fuentek’s assessment process in this LES Insights article. And check out our webinar on the topic of proactive planning for technology marketing.