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NASA Technology Enhances Sharing of Audio Streams

Engineers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center have developed technology that allows remote flight support personnel and management to monitor Mission Control Center (MCC) audio streams from the comfort and convenience of their offices. The technology has provided significant benefits to NASA by enhancing situational awareness and has excellent potential to provide similar benefits in commercial applications.

The Ad Hoc Selection for Voice Over Internet Streams technology was developed to broadcast multiple audio streams from the NASA MCC network using voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology. The patented system can multicast audio streams from one or more sources, and lets the user select and listen to specific streams using audio player sofware. This gives users near real-time monitoring for a wide range of audio conversations, all from a networked remote location.

The technology is compatible with industry standards, offers excellent sound reproduction, and adds users automatically for networks supporting multicast traffic. Leveraging multicast technology eliminates the need for dedicated audio connections and allows for wide and secure distribution at low cost and impact to network resources.

This NASA technology could be an excellent asset in applications where remote monitoring of multiple audio streams is necessary. Examples include monitoring air traffic training, emergency communications, telemedicine, hoot-n-holler stock exchange networks and other real-time critical audio conversations.

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–By Doug Foster