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NASA Unveils New Materials and Coatings Technology Portfolio at CAMX 2015

Materials-pieThe Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) is going on this week in Dallas. More than 7,000 attendees and 550 exhibitors are connecting to learn about innovative manufacturing techniques and new materials that can help solve problems and create new products. In addition to an enormous exhibit hall filled with equipment and product demonstrations, there are education sessions, technical discussion panels, and keynote presentations.

Fuentek’s Jaffer Hussein is there representing NASA and its portfolio of materials and coatings technologies. This portfolio of breakthrough innovations will benefit industrial, commercial, and residential uses and is organized on a website to make it even easier for prospective licensees to explore and locate relevant inventions. The portfolio offers key technologies in smart, high-temperature, insulation, composite, tribological, and nanomaterials. Stop by Booth ZA128 to talk to Jaffer about the NASA technologies:

  • Smart Materials: With benefits for aerospace, medical, textile, construction, and electronics industries, smart materials improve efficiency and save resources by responding to corrosion, pH changes, water content, temperature, mechanical forces, and much more
  • Nanomaterials: With unique optical, electronic, or mechanical properties, nanomaterials will revolutionize the design of future products and systems.
  • Advanced Composites: Characterized by ultra-high-strength fibers, these state-of-the-art composites include numerous polymer, nanoparticle, and polymer-fiber blends.
  • Insulation Materials: The flexible, lightweight, and thermal properties of these breakthrough materials will conserve energy, reduce repair costs, and save lives.
  • High-Temperature Materials: These polyimides, metal alloys, and carbon-polymer composites resist damage, increase product lifetimes, and save energy.
  • Tribological Materials: These advanced alloys and composites represent a major advancement for the field of bearings and related mechanisms and are designed to function in extreme conditions.

NASA has a long history of finding new, inventive uses for its space and aeronautics technologies. From materials that improve industrial and household products to coatings and insulations that protect satellites, machinery, and firefighters, these technologies offer smart solutions for modern challenges. Explore the new materials and coatings portfolio to see for yourself how NASA technologies can solve real-world problems.