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Online Tools Save Time and Money and Enhance Your Technology Commercialization Marketing

Leveraging online tools such as Web sites, blogs, Web conferences, video demonstrations, podcasts, etc. can save you time and money and greatly enhance your technology commercialization efforts.

These online tools allow you to effectively reach a large number of prospects with little more effort than it takes to reach one prospect. In addition, time-shifted delivery of information allows the technology commercialization prospect to receive the information that they need at their convenience rather than yours.

Smart use of blogging allows you to create an ongoing conversation and social awareness about your offerings, accomplishments and organization. By actively participating in relevant online conversations, you can begin to position your organization as an industry leader and trend setter. Leverage current events and hot topics that are relevant to your industries and technologies.

Finally, basic virtual office tools such as Web conferencing, teleconferencing, and multi-enterprise calendaring can dramatically reduce your overhead costs and make it easier for prospects to build a strong relationship with your team. A variety of Web conferencing tools exist such as WebEx, GoToMeeting, etc. Free or low-cost teleconferencing tools include TimeBridge and FreeConference. Google Calendars, TimeBridge, and Tungle all offer inter-enterprise calendaring capabilities enabling you to easily schedule calls and meetings with prospects.