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Opening Doors to International Tech Transfer Training

Knowledge InvestorsI am proud of how Fuentek has offered knowledge leadership and training for tech transfer professionals across the U.S. through our white papers, webinars, and other educational services. Now, we’ve linked up with a company in Spain to expand that knowledge transfer to European organizations looking to increase the return on investment for research and development through tech transfer.

Specifically, we’ve recently partnered with Knowledge Investors of Vigo, Spain, a company that collaborates with universities, companies, and investors to generate and develop business opportunities within the fields of science and technology. If you don’t speak Spanish, click the inglés link in the upper-right corner of their site.

As part of the partnership, we’re providing tech transfer webinars and other services to the company’s clients in Europe. The webinar series will cover a variety of topics, including technology screening, open innovation, and proactive IP management.

My colleague Danielle McCulloch and I led a screening webinar last month for one of Knowledge Investors’ university clients in Spain. The webinar was mostly in English, but this morning I’m doing a post-webinar Q&A session in Spanish. (Having grown up in a Spanish-speaking household, I certainly relish every opportunity I get to share both my career passion and my linguistic heritage.) We’ll also be doing a webinar on implementing open innovation symbiotically for another university in Spain.

We also have an introductory webinar next Wednesday that will give an overview on how to become a proactive, efficient, and effective tech transfer office. That one is open to anyone, it’s free, and it’ll be in English (although some of the Q&A at the end may be in Spanish) so you might want to register for it. It starts at 10:30 a.m. Eastern time on Nov. 23rd.

With this partnership, we are helping open the doors of the U.S. market (which commands approximately 60% of global IP transactions) to Knowledge Investors’ customers in Spain, Portugal, and beyond. This should in turn help to improve their return on investment in science and technology and open more doors to international markets for tech transfer.