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Advice for Running an Effective Gap Funding Program
I was recently chatting with folks in the technology transfer office (TTO) at the University of Vermont (UVM). They asked Fuentek to help again this year with evaluating proposals for the SPARK-VT gap funding program. SPARK-VT is designed “to address the challenges of translating novel research into the community” by funding additional research and commercialization. Last year, Fuentek was asked to help evaluate proposals.
Managing Intellectual Property Proactively, Efficiently, and Effectively
Managing IP proactively is essential for any R&D organization, regardless of whether it’s a university, private company, government lab, hospital, or not-for-profit research organization. Being proactive helps you focus on achieving your goals rather than reactively putting out fires, and it enables more efficient and effective operations. To make your TTO or other IP operation more proactive, consider the following recommendations and guidance.
Efficient Technology Sourcing: How-To Advice for Companies
Whether you want to improve your own business or introduce a new product or service line, technology/innovation is usually a major part of the solution. With all of the R&D at universities and government labs, it’s not always necessary to start from scratch to create that new solution or improvement. In fact, it’s best to always start by looking outside your company using open innovation—or better yet, Symbiotic Innovation—tactics.
Strengthening Your Strengths, Solving Your Struggles with Strategic Solutions
In providing technology transfer services to R&D organizations, Fuentek has developed strategies for maximizing team strengths and skills, solving organizational pickles, and communicating value to leadership. Today’s post can help significantly improve your capabilities and operations. For example, when it comes to understanding how your IP management team is performing, metrics are your greatest ally. They help you get where you want to go by accurately revealing where you are.
Marketing More than Technology: A Comprehensive Strategy for Tech Transfer Offices
Broader marketing efforts—those that demonstrate your tech transfer know-how—can elevate the profile of your technology transfer office (TTO). It can also cultivate productive relationships with your organization’s researchers, management, and potential partners/licensees. To help TTOs be successful with these efforts, this post shares the best practices that Fuentek has found to be effective time and again with our clients.
Looking Forward to #AUTM2019 in Austin
The next few days will see technology transfer professionals from across the United States and around the world travel to Austin, Texas, for the AUTM 2019 national meeting. Fuentek will be there, and today’s post gives you a sneak preview of the two sessions we’ll be leading. I’m also including links to more information if you want to do a little extra reading in advance. If you’ll be at the AUTM meeting, we hope you will join us at these sessions or swing by Booth #206.
Your AUTM Annual Meeting Checklist
The 2019 AUTM® meeting is coming up Feb. 10-13, and we are looking forward to it! The AUTM meeting provides TTOs with lots of opportunities to network with industry, investors, and research institutions. You can also learn about the latest developments in tech transfer and even advance your career. Having participated in the AUTM meeting for several years, I offer up these tips to help you get the most out of your time in Austin.
6 Tips for Writing Technology Listings for Tech Transfer
I recently had the pleasure of joining two of my Fuentek colleagues to present “Drafting Technology Listings for Marketing University IP.” Available now as a recording, this webinar provides practical tips and keen insights into this important element of the marketing toolbox for technology transfer offices (TTOs). Today I’d like to share with you some of the tips and tricks discussed during the webinar.
Know When to Increase Your Technology Marketing Push
A common mistake in IP marketing is spending too much too soon on splashy materials with questionable impact. Knowing when to push and when to hold back requires looking at the market, understanding how the technology fits into it, and being realistic about the opportunities. Case in point: Fuentek’s client Kolon.
Universities’ Unique IP Issues: Challenges for Technology Transfer Offices
Summer is a great time of year to be in Minneapolis. (I used to row under that bridge!) And it’s particularly nice when I also get to participate in a session at the AUTM Central Region Meeting. The session—Ownership in the University Setting: Do You Own What You Think You Own?—will discuss the often complex intellectual property (IP) issues that occur in the university setting.