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Presenting Marketing Concepts for Tech Transfer Professionals at the AUTM Eastern Region Meeting

Karen Hiser and I had the pleasure of presenting Tech Transfer Marketing Concepts and Marketing Social Media Strategies at the AUTM Eastern Region Meeting in Atlanta on June 8. Both of our sessions were well attended and were extremely interactive, with the participants posing pertinent questions and sharing their personal experiences and challenges.

The Marketing Concepts session included:

  • Overview of the Fuentek screening methodology for technology commercialization decisions
  • Best practices and guidelines for marketing intellectual property (check out our many blog posts on this topic)
  • Details on implementing an iterative process for marketing a technology portfolio
  • Print and digital media tools for marketing technologies (check out these samples of such tools)
  • Effective communication techniques with researchers and with prospective licensees (more on these topics to come)

The most enjoyable aspect of this conference was the interactions that both Karen and I had with participants throughout the conference on the challenges and opportunities facing higher education Technology Transfer Offices in 2010 and beyond.

Is your Technology Transfer Office facing challenges securing licensing agreements for your patent portfolio? Please contact us to learn how we can assist.

–By Jack Spain