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Raleigh Innovation Summit Sparks Lots of Ideas

Earlier this week I participated in the Raleigh Innovation Summit, which was held to create a unified vision for the city’s future in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. Groups discussed creating an innovation center in Raleigh, branding Raleigh as a city of innovation, creating partnerships, and bringing more money to the region.

A lot of great ideas were generated, and participants have been encouraged to keep sharing them. So in addition to what you’ll see in tweets (#innovateRAL), here are some of my ideas:

  • Hold an NASVF conference in Raleigh to attract new angel investors and provide educational opportunity for local angels
  • Hold an angel investor event to help solicit new angels, provide information on what it means to be an angel, and give them access to investment opportunities
  • Vet ideas as clearing house for angels, venture capitalists (VCs), and big companies to make it easier for them to find investment opportunities locally
  • Work with WUNC’s The State of Things to have an “Entrepreneur Monday” to get the human and business success stories out there to encourage other entrepreneurs and help market for investors (Confession: Actually, this isn’t my original idea, but I really liked it and wanted to make sure it didn’t get lost!)
  • Identify the best local big companies that should be interested in entrepreneurial investment and establish a personal relationship with key decision makers to get them engaged
  • Pool the winners of local schools’ business plan competitions together and have a regional competition

What ideas would you add to this list? Submit a comment below, or tweet them with the #innovateRAL hashtag.

BTW, the summit was hosted jointly NC State University, the City of Raleigh, the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, Raleigh Economic Development, and Wake County Economic Development. Talk about a partnership! ☺