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Commercializing Federally Funded Research: Paper Lays Out Roadmap

What’s the best way to get federally funded technologies out of university and federal labs and into the market? This is the big question of late, and it’s generating a lot of hubbub. Regardless of the merits of all of the initiatives, directives, and legislation, I think a key aspect is being overlooked.

As any technology transfer office (TTO) can tell you, not every technology emerging from federal R&D spending will be the next Honeycrisp™ apple, implantable pacemaker, or Red Hat, Inc. But some do have the potential to launch new companies, improve or expand the product/service offerings of existing companies, create jobs, or otherwise positively impact the U.S. economy and/or provide humanitarian benefits.

The question is: Which technologies? And, more importantly, how do TTOs find them and commercialize them efficiently? (And by “efficiently” I mean with their available resources and in a reasonable amount of time.)

Download a free copy of “A Roadmap for Commercializing Federally Funded Research: Guidance for University and Government Lab Technology Transfer”

I think we at Fuentek have a good answer, and it’s outlined in our new white paper: A Roadmap for Commercializing Federally Funded Research: Guidance for University and Government Lab Technology Transfer.

We’ve talked a lot about our filtering model for proactively managing IP. Our new paper expands on these ideas, including:

  • An overview of Fuentek’s model for proactive technology management that proceeds in phases, which has been highly successful and cost-effective
  • A comparison of this proactive model against a reactive/passive approach to technology transfer/commercialization
  • Specific, measurable examples of the success of this model
  • Methods for adopting and implementing this model at universities and government laboratories
  • An overview of the appropriate metrics for evaluating the success of technology transfer programs/initiatives

Read more details about the Fuentek Filtering model in our new white paper.

Do you have other thoughts and practices regarding commercialization of federally funded research? Leave a comment below to join the conversation or feel free to contact us privately.