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Schoppe Talks with Simon

Recently I had a chance to talk with independent consultant Phil Simon for his “Technology Today” podcast. Prompted by a story that ran on National Public Radio, this podcast gave us time to dig a little deeper into some of the issues of being a virtual company.

The first focus of our conversation was how we share information—both documents and knowledge—in our virtual environment. Being virtual poses challenges not faced when you have everyone and everything under one roof. At Fuentek, we had our own system—my baby!—that served us reasonably well for many years. But recently we’ve switched to using “software as a service” (SAAS), which is saving us more than $100,000 a year. Takes the sting out of having to say goodbye, eh?

We also talked about how you know whether a virtual structure will work for your organization. This decision has to do with what you do, but it also has to do with who you employ. We’ve blogged about this before, and we surely will again.

And then there’s the social networking tools. Blogging, Facebook, Twitter and all of those tools can be helpful if used carefully. Does it serve your business? Are you sharing useful information? Are you using the right tool given how time-sensitive the issue is? If so, then it’s worth doing.

So check out the podcast and let me know what you think. Update: Phil Simon went on to feature Fuentek in his third book: The New Small.