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This Just In: The Full Results Of Our Social Media Survey!

Fuentek is pleased to present the full results of our first online survey. The subject was social media—a topic I’ve been eating, breathing, and sleeping in preparation for the webinar we just finished! (If you missed it, you can sign up to receive notices about future webinars.)

So, naturally I was very curious to see the nitty-gritty numbers that came out of the questions our online visitors answered. Check out the results below.

Who responded to our survey?
The majority of technology transfer offices (TTOs) responding were universities, but there was representation across sectors.
Are people really using social media for technology transfer?
It’s a resounding “YES!”
How are TTOs using social media?
The results were pretty evenly spread across three areas, which were discussed in an earlier Technology Transfer Tactics webinar.
Do you use LinkedIn?
More than half of respondents use it regularly, and only one-tenth have no plans to use it.
Do you use Twitter?
One-third don’t tweet and have no plans to do so, while a little more use it regularly.
What about blogging?
This was a shocker for me. If you are among the whopping 46% with no plans for a blog, it might change your mind to know that unique visitors to Fuentek’s Web site increased by almost 100% after we implemented our own blog! (And check out our other Insights on using social media for tech transfer.)
And how about Facebook?

We were quite excited to see that so many of you are using social media and to see more specifically the breakdown of which tools you use. What do you think about using social media for tech transfer? Leave a comment below, or feel free to contact us!

–By Karen Hiser


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