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TTO Use of Social Media: A Sneak-Preview of Our Survey Results

If you have been following Fuentek on Twitter or looked at our newly designed Web site recently, you know that we’re currently conducting a survey on the use of social media tools by technology transfer offices (TTOs). Have you taken it yet? If not, there’s still time—take our social media survey now. And be sure to share it with your colleagues who are not on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and the blogosphere. We’re just as interested in hearing from tech transfer professionals who are NOT using social media as those who are.

Some interesting results are already in.

Fully 50% of respondents are using LinkedIn regularly, which wasn’t a great surprise to me. I was pleasantly surprised that 35% of respondents are using also using Twitter regularly. That’s great news and tells me that tech transfer professionals recognize the value of social media and are integrating it into their professional lives on a daily basis.

A surprisingly high percentage—50%—of respondents have no plans to use a blog. I’m hoping this is because folks just don’t know how to get started. Our experience in blogging about our clients’ technologies has been that it’s the single biggest “bang for the buck” in marketing for technology transfer.

Why? Well, you’ll find out—and get more results from our survey— if you join me next Tuesday, Feb. 22nd at 1:00pm EDT at the 90-minute webinar “Turn Social Media into a Marketing Home Run for Your TTO,” sponsored by Intellectual Property Marketing Advisor. Registration is still open!

I’m really looking forward to doing this webinar. My co-presenters are Lindsay Lennox of the University of Colorado’s TTO (@coloradotto on Twitter), who will focus on public relations and brand awareness, and Morgan Estabrook, University of Virginia Patent Foundation (@uvapf on Twitter), who will talk about using social media to build community.

I’m going to be talking about how to market technologies. We’ve used social media tools for several client technology transfer efforts, including fluid flow metering and mixing technologies, an innovative drill bit, and what we fondly refer to among ourselves as “the sippy straw”—a new system that keeps water from freezing for mountain climbers (not to mention hunters, skiers, deep sea divers, and search-and-rescue personnel).

We’ve learned a lot from these efforts and look forward to sharing our insights at this webinar. How can your Web site generate unsolicited leads? How can you get rid of the tire kickers before they suck up all your time? And how can you generate the kind of buzz that gets your technology noticed above the din? Come to the webinar and find out!

–By Karen Hiser


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