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Webinar: Stop Reacting, Start Proacting: Planning for Strategic Tech Marketing

Webinar: Stop Reacting, Start Proacting: Planning for Strategic Technology MarketingIf you read the Fuentek blog regularly, you’re probably familiar with the technology screening webinar we launched earlier this year. Well, today we announced a new webinar that provides training on what comes next for technologies that show potential for commercialization success.

The “Stop Reacting, Start Proacting: Planning for Strategic Technology Marketing” webinar helps you not only be more proactive and efficient in selecting the technologies you market but also develop the right marketing plan for each one.

Planning for technology marketing is important. Once you’ve figured out whether an innovation has what it takes to make further investment in commercializing it worthwhile, then you need to fully assess the technology’s market-based potential. Doing that let’s you know whom to target in the marketing effort, what message will catch their attention (what’s the value proposition?), and how best to reach your prospects. Even more important is figuring out how much effort and how many resources are appropriate for the marketing effort given the potential for a deal (is the juice going to be worth the squeeze?).

We’ve been doing this a long time, and so we developed the “Stop Reacting, Start Proacting” webinar to share what we’ve learned. In it, we’ll teach you how to develop a plan for proactive, strategic technology marketing that gets you the deals you need to achieve your goals and meet your metrics.