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Tactical Tools for Marketing Strategies: A Tech Transfer Webcast

The mechanisms that technology transfer offices (TTOs) use to market technologies should vary depending on the technology and licensing prospects, as well as the time and resources you have allotted to the effort. Nowadays, a wealth of marketing tools is available. Fuentek typically recommends mixing and matching a combination of mechanisms to reach a target audience and market technologies successfully.

For starters, all efforts (even passive ones) should have a market-based technology description on your TTO’s Web site. This description should be a market-focused technology description, not a patent abstract. This should be posted on the TTO Web site as well as any free services, such as the AUTM® Global Technology Portal.

For a more comprehensive effort, consider developing a social media campaign that points back to the online technology description. (We offer a top-notch social media webinar with real-world examples, if you’re looking for help with your campaign.) If you have the resources, it may be appropriate to host a technology briefing.

Awards are also great ways to add credibility to your innovation, as this example demonstrates. Same goes for success stories. You might think these tools are only effective after licensing deals have been signed, but in many cases you’re interested in more than just a one-shot deal. Plus these tools demonstrate that your organization has technologies of value and that you know what you’re doing.

These are just a few of the mechanisms we discuss in our latest webcast, Tactical Tools for Marketing Strategies. In less than 5 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should have a technology marketing Web page for every technology in your portfolio
  • How to tailor a combination of mechanisms to a specific marketing campaign
  • Which active marketing efforts provide the biggest bang for your limited buck

(BTW, the webcast is excerpted from our webinar Effective Technology Marketing: Getting to the Negotiating Table.)

An effective marketing strategy is essential for connecting with potential licensees and collaborators as well as with innovators and managers whose participation is critical for successful tech transfer. TTOs today have many options. Take advantage of them! Fuentek can help.