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Talking About Training With Trainers at AUTM’s Eastern Region Meeting

September is a great time to be in Boston, especially for an AUTM Eastern Region Meeting! I’m looking forward to connecting with AUTM colleagues and especially to participating in a session on training university interns.

Providing Trainees with the Skills We Want to Hire will explore the state of tech transfer and business development skills education. Our panel will discuss internships with university Tech Transfer Offices (TTOs) as well as fellowship programs and the growing role of startups and entrepreneurism.

I’ll be talking about Fuentek’s approach to intern training as well as the value of the AUTM Foundation Fellowship program. Joining me will be:

With such an experienced panel, I’m expecting a lively discussion with lots of practical takeaways. I’ll follow up after the meeting to share key highlights. In the meantime, we’ve set up this webpage to share session information, articles, and other resources.

Use AUTM Connect to schedule a time to talk in Boston, and contact us if Fuentek can help with your internship program.