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How Does Your Marketing Message Sound? Free Webcast Now Available!

Fuentek is a big believer in the power of a specific, tailored marketing message. Our own marketing communications process follows the AMMO approach: Audience Message Mechanism Outcome.

“Crafting Your Technology Marketing Message”

You may have read about AMMO on our blog in the past, but we wanted to highlight a few more details of this approach, specifically related to the Message. So, we’ve put together a free webcast to give you expert insight into the nuances of Crafting Your Tech Marketing Message. In less than 5 minutes, you’ll get details about:

  • The basics of crafting a message according to a specific industry target
  • Ideas to enhance your message to improve your odds of getting a response from licensing prospects
  • How to create buzz around your message with social media

If you’d like help with spreading your marketing message effectively, contact Fuentek to learn more about our marketing and branding services.