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Two Webinars for Tech Transfer to Improve R&D Engagement

Tech transfer and R&D engagement

Fuentek will discuss ways to enhance
the relationship between R&D and tech transfer.

This summer, Fuentek will present two webinars you won’t want to miss. Both focus on how to enhance the relationship between the researchers developing intellectual property (IP) and the technology transfer office (TTO) professionals tasked with protecting and commercializing it. Because by doing so, both departments can be more successful.

Note: The live webinars were recorded and are available at the links below.


Improve the Quality of Invention Disclosures through Researcher Outreach and Education

Monday, July 31 at 1:00pm EDT • Register here

When it comes to invention disclosures, quality far outweighs quantity. Giving inventors a top-notch form to fill out is a good first step toward receiving high-quality disclosures. But outreach is also vital.

Educating researchers on how to articulate their invention’s commercial viability not only increases the quality of their disclosures. It also helps build solid relationships that positively contribute to the TTO’s long-term success.

Fuentek's Becky Stoughton

Becky Stoughton

Led by Fuentek vice president Becky Stoughton, this Tech Transfer Central webinar delves deeper into the how-to’s she outlined here. Becky’s presentation includes examples, checklists, and an interactive Q&A. And after the live webinar, a recording will be available.

Targeted at university TTOs, the principles discussed in this webinar readily applies to federal labs, nonprofit research institutions, and even private companies.


5 Things IP and R&D Teams Should Never Hide from Each Other

Wednesday, August 9 at 11:00am EDT • Register free here

Collaboration is key to the success of an organization’s IP and R&D departments. Rather than operate independently, truly successful IP/tech transfer offices and R&D units maintain open lines of communication. Such engagement maximizes the value of patenting and commercialization resources while ensuring the investment in R&D doesn’t go to waste.

Fuentek's Laura Schoppe

Laura A. Schoppe

As a pioneer of Symbiotic Innovation, Fuentek president Laura Schoppe has long advocated having a strong connection between R&D and the IP management departments of innovation organizations. This free PatSnap webinar explains 5 key ways you can improve IP-R&D collaboration in your innovation organization.

Specifically designed for leaders in private companies, this webinar also provides valuable information for universities and government labs. An on-demand recording will be available after the live webinar.

Check out Laura’s other free PatSnap webinars:


In addition to these webinars, Fuentek offers our own archive of webinars plus a variety of training services to help companies, universities, and government labs be more successful in taking innovations from bench to business. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your organization.