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Tips and Tricks for Creating High-Quality Software Demonstrations

Commercializing software presents a number of unique challenges. Creating a high-quality, self-running demonstration can alleviate some of the skepticism typical of the software industry, help increase the quality of your technology commercialization leads and save hours of effort in presenting the same demonstration over and over again.

Target the audience—Who (ideally) will be watching the demonstration? What information is important to them? Tailor your presentation to match their needs.

Keep it short—Hit the high points in 10 minutes or less. If necessary, break larger demonstrations into shorter snippets, each of which covers a particular topic.

It’s all in the script—Carefully plan and script the demonstration, including the voice-over, video calls-outs, and navigation through the screens.

Make it look professional—Spend the time and money to make the demonstration look professional. Use a high-quality microphone and a good editing tool such as TechSmith’s Camtasia to edit out any flubs. Stream it to the Web using standard formats such as Flash, Windows Media format and QuickTime.

Focus on value—Skip the details of what every feature, function, and mouse click does, and focus on the value that the application delivers. Demonstrate how the application solves real-world problems that are of interest to the viewer.

Following these guidelines will go a long way toward making demonstrations that effectively “show off” what your software can do and its value to potential licensees.

–By Karen Hiser