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Tips for Using Videos to Save Time, Money in Tech Transfer Marketing

Depending on the technology, incorporating videos into Web sites, blogs, and e-mail marketing campaigns can be a cost-effective method of promoting tech transfer opportunities. In particular, videos can be a wonderful way to present information on and demonstrate the capabilities of software or other less-easily explained innovations—saving tech transfer managers valuable time and resources.

We’ve certainly experienced this here at Fuentek. For example, in working with the tech transfer program at NASA’s Ames Research Center, we found that a simple ~1-minute video demonstration of their revolutionary ShuttleSCAN technology saved hours of phone calls and e-mail exchanges to explain its operation and function to prospective licensees/partners.
This video featuring NASA’s Ames Research Center’s ShuttleSCAN technology provides an example of a short technology demonstration video.

Incorporating videos for promotional or demo purposes does not have to be a costly endeavor. Many low-cost, handheld video cameras now offer the video quality needed for online viewing. Even many smart phones or mobile devices now are equipped with relatively high-quality video cameras.

Although the price doesn’t need to be high, do invest time in planning and scripting your videos so that they are professional, succinct, and communicate the right message to the right target audience. Keep these guidelines in mind:

Keep it short. A 2- to 3-minute video that clearly communicates the technology’s value and benefits will minimize the risk of losing your audience.

Script it. A script or thorough outline will help ensure that your video covers all key features and benefits, is not repetitive, and transitions smoothly.

Focus on value. Keep the message zeroed in on what’s important to the target audience. Give them a compelling reason to keep watching and get in touch.

Establish trust. Include enough details in the content to establish credibility to the industry you are targeting.

Call to action.
Make your contact information clear and easy for viewers to reach out for additional information.

For more helpful guidelines and insights, read the full section about video marketing in Fuentek’s white paper Digital Marketing Guidelines for Tech Transfer Offices. Check out this post for more info about what’s included in the paper,.

Is your technology transfer office using videos to market the technology portfolio? Add a comment below with links to the videos. Or share your tips for effective tech transfer videos. And you can always send us a private message via our Contact Us page.