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The Tools You Need to Change the P&T Paradigm

In April 2020, as many of us were just getting used to a new virtual way of working, Fuentek facilitated a panel on Promotion and Tenure (P&T) Trends as part of the online 2020 AUTM Annual Meeting. This session offered several pathways for integrating a new P&T approach that incorporates faculty innovation and entrepreneurship activities into current university policies. The session also introduced the Promotion & Tenure Innovation & Entrepreneurship (PTIE) Coalition, a group of universities who were gathering to develop a plan for inclusively recognizing the impact of innovation and entrepreneurship within P&T guidelines.


Over the last year, the PTIE effort has made incredible strides:

  • Over 68 universities have joined the coalition as formal members.
  • The coalition has developed, approved, and publicized a clear set of recommendations universities can use to start increasing recognition of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Many coalition members are seeing tangible shifts in their institutions’ P&T processes.
  • The PTIE organizing committee is now preparing for their next summit in 2022.

We know academic institutions still have a long way to go, though, and the prospect of making change on such a large scale can feel intimidating, especially if university administrators are not quick to recognize the importance of this issue. For this reason, Fuentek is teaming up with Tech Transfer Central to offer a webinar designed to support anyone interested in playing a role in this change.

Webinar Is Next Week!

Incorporating Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activities into Promotion and Tenure Decisions (Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 1:00 pm ET)

 I’m so excited to host two leading experts in this national conversation–Rich Carter of Oregon State University and Almesha Campbell from Jackson State University. In addition to answering your questions, we’ll offer:

  • Best practices for institutional shifts toward a tenure and promotion process that encourages inventors and potential start-up founders to participate in commercialization
  • Easy ways to get involved with the PTIE network that can support you in the charge
  • A variety of scripts for navigating tricky conversations with key stakeholders at your universities, like your provost, vice provost, and faculty senate, as well as deans and department chairs
(left to right) Rich Carter of Oregon State University, Almesha Campbell of Jackson State University, and Fuentek’s Danielle McCulloch

Even the biggest challenges can feel a bit easier when we work together. If you’re passionate about making your promotion and tenure process more inclusive, know that there’s a whole network here to support you. We hope you’ll join us for this encouraging and exciting discussion—click here to register (or buy the recording) now. Use our exclusive coupon code for $50 off the purchase price: FTT50

And if you have any questions you’d like the panel to address, or if you want to learn more about how Fuentek can support your institution’s policy changes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

See you on May 26!