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Our Top 5 Tweets from Yesterday’s Webinar on Technology Screening

Laura Schoppe and I had a great time yesterday presenting our “Putting Your Interns to Work: A Step-by-Step Process for Technology Screenings” webinar. If you followed Fuentek’s tweets with the #techscreen hashtag, you have a reasonable sense of what we covered. But for those of you who missed it—or if you prefer to think about ideas that are conveyed in more than 140 characters—allow me to elaborate on what I consider to be the Top 5 tweets.

1. The goal of this webinar? To help you quickly prioritize your #techtransfer portfolio.
This is what screening is all about, as illustrated by our Fuentek Filtering Process used for intellectual property (IP) management:

Each marble is a technology in the IP portfolio. The screening process quickly and cost-effectively identifies those innovations that are worth a second look (assessment) and those with too little potential to justify further investment. (As we discussed in the webinar, sometimes the incremental cost of passive marketing is worth it, but that’s another post.) Getting those technologies off your plate as early as possible has huge benefits in terms of cost savings and efficiency.

2. Screening answers the questions: How is the tech competitive? And how does it fit in the market?
As we discussed in the post about our patenting decision poll, investment in out-licensing or other technology transfer efforts is justified when there is market interest in the technology. If there is no market for the technology, then it usually doesn’t make sense to spend time and money trying to commercialize it.

3. Helpful hint: Too much information can bog you down. Proceed with caution. Know how deep to dig.
If you’re going to complete a screening quickly, you can’t get sucked into the black hole of endless information available on the Web and other sources of market and IP data. (Did anyone else see that Newsweek article on brain freeze?)

4. How do innovators react to screenings that are rated low? They will be receptive if U R consistent in explaining why.
This one may surprise you, since no one likes to hear that their baby is ugly. But in Fuentek’s experience, inventors reading the screening reports we prepared following the process discussed in the webinar understand that a low rating has to do with the market interest in the technology, not the quality of the technology itself.

5. This approach allows U2B targeted in #techtransfer marketing, not a shotgun approach. Cost-efficient!
The filtering process that starts with screening and moves on to assessment not only narrows down the number of technologies you’re dealing with but it also gives you more and more information about who the potential licensees are. As a result, the technology marketing phase can zero in on just those targets rather than a broad audience.

Intrigued? Then you should read more of our Insights on technology evaluation and how interns can participate in technology screening. And consider buying the high-quality video for the technology screening webinar.

BTW, my personal favorite tweet was:

Thanks! 🙂 RT @carlos_KI: Congrats @fuentek Excellent webinar on “Screening technologies” #techtransfer #techscreen.

We appreciate the kind words, Carlos!

–By Danielle McCulloch