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Best Practices for Tweeting

Tweet key on computer keyboardNow that it’s been little over a year since I took over the Fuentek Twitter® account, I have some advice to share. My previous post covered the basics of tweeting: @-replies vs. mentions, using a scheduler tool to spread your tweets across the day, hashtags, retweeting, and how to get started. Today’s post offers my thoughts about how to tweet effectively.

1. Use account names when mentioning others. This let’s people know you’re tweeting about them, which increases your chances of a retweet. So for example, rather than refer to the company simply as 3D Biomatrix, @UMOTT tweeted:

2. Keep it extra short. Although you’re allotted 140 characters, use fewer whenever you can. How many fewer? Take the length of your account name, add 5, and make sure your tweets have at least that many characters left over. For example, Fuentek’s account is 8 characters (including the @), so we try to keep our tweets to less than 127 characters. Doing so leaves room for the “RT @fuentek: ” that gets tacked on in some tweeting tools, making it easier for others to retweet.

3. Be professional. If you tweet for work and personally, consider setting up separate accounts so you can have a profile, photo, and tweets that are appropriate for each.

4. Be intentional. I thought this @MercyRnD tweet from the social media special interest group meeting at the recent AUTM conference stated it well:

5. Read “35 Ways to Use Twitter for Business.” It’s a good blog post with lots of great suggestions.

Have tweeting tips to share? Post a comment below or send me a message through our Contact Us page.