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Two Tech Transfer Infographics: Use Them to Explain This Complex Process

Having spent 15+ years helping major research universities manage their intellectual property (IP), Fuentek knows a great deal about efficient and effective tech transfer. We’ve also seen that many universities struggle to explain this complex process to their stakeholders — administrators, researchers, and even legislators.

So Fuentek created a pair of infographics to help university faculty, staff, and administrators understand the complexities of tech transfer. We invite university technology transfer offices (TTOs) to use these in communicating with their stakeholders.

The Road to Technology Transfer

Think of the Road to Technology Transfer infographic as “Tech Transfer 101.” It’s a representative path from innovation to product launch.

It travels from invention disclosure down the winding road of determining whether the technology is fit for the market and through the in-depth market research and strategy development to prepare for marketing to targeted prospects.

The Road infographic provides a high-level overview of the complexity of technology transfer to a range of audiences. Because each university implements tech transfer in its own way, Fuentek made this infographic generic enough to be relevant across many institutions, technology types, and markets.


Cultivate Your Intellectual Property

Link to our "Cultivate Your IP" infographicThe Cultivate Your IP infographic provides a more hands-on overview of the tech transfer process. From engaging with researchers and optimizing the IP portfolio to developing effective marketing collateral and building the relationships that lead to long-term sponsored research agreements (SRAs), the infographic delineates in greater detail which activities need to happen when.

Though mainly targeted at the professionals who implement tech transfer, the Cultivate infographic is also useful for researchers needing to further understand their involvement in the process.

You are welcome to use these infographics as needed, provided you do not alter or remove the Fuentek logos, link, or copyright information. You can embed them into your website using the HTML coding provided below each image. Or they can be included in presentations via a hyperlink or using an add-in for accessing live Web pages. We’re even developing versions in French and Spanish — we’ll have links to those at the bottom of each page as they become available. (We’ll also announce their availability in our quarterly newsletter, The Fountain — subscribe here.)

Fuentek specializes in providing high-quality services to universities as they cultivate their IP and proceed down the road to successful technology transfer. In fact, we’ve become a trusted advisor to leading academic, government, and corporate decision makers around the world. Learn more about what we do here and then contact us to discuss how Fuentek can help your university achieve its strategic goals for effective and efficient IP management.