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It’s Not Just for Job Searches: Using LinkedIn for Technology Transfer Marketing

LinkedIn is a great tool for finding a job, but it’s also valuable for intellectual property (IP) marketing, generating potential licensing leads. Here’s how I get the most out of LinkedIn for technology transfer marketing.

When I am looking for contacts at a specific company, I search LinkedIn for that company, sorting by contacts most closely related to me. I can then do several things with the resulting list:

  • If the contact is no more than two degrees of separation from me, I request a referral introduction through LinkedIn. I find that referrals through LinkedIn are more likely to get the recipient’s attention versus a cold call. BTW, I rarely bother to request a referral if the contact is more than two degrees removed from me; generally I find it isn’t worthwhile.
  • For less closely related contacts, I can peruse the name, job title, and history for each relevant contact. This allows me to refine my cold calling with background on each person and weed out irrelevant contacts.
  • For people that I do make contact with, I can get a foot in the door by establishing common ground such as shared acquaintances, mutual alma maters, or common interests. I also invite them to join my LinkedIn network after the call so we can both further expand our reach.

In addition, I make liberal use of LinkedIn Groups, which are communities with shared interests such as functional expertise, university and corporate alumni groups, etc. When it’s appropriate, I’ll advertise a technology to a group. Be careful not to spam, however. For example, advertising a biotechnology to a group of alumni from a biotech university may be appropriate. Advertising an aerospace technology to that same group is not.

Start building your LinkedIn network now to enhance your lead generation. Let’s tap into each other’s networks. Send me a LinkedIn invitation letting me know you saw this blog post and we’ll get connected!

–By Karen Hiser