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What Makes for a Good Blog Post for Technology Marketing?

Using Blogs to Market Your Technologies: How and Why

As regular readers of the Fuentek blog know, we believe that social media is an efficient and effective tool to boost your technology transfer office’s (TTO’s) online presence, driving more licensing prospects to your Web site and feeding the pipeline that helps you secure more deals. Perhaps the most powerful way to drive traffic to your TTO’s Web site is to blog about the technologies you have available for licensing.

We have already posted some guidelines for TTO blogging as well as other insights about social media tools. And you can see the posts we’ve done for our clients in the Available Technologies section of our blog. But there’s lots more practical advice that we can share.

So to help TTOs leverage blogs effectively, we have just put out a free webcast derived from our social media webinar released earlier this year.

In about 5 minutes, the Using Blogs to Market Your Technologies: How and Why webcast discusses:

  • Tips for writing effective blog posts
  • How to attract and keep readers
  • How to balance technology-related posts with other blog topics
  • Hard-data numbers demonstrating how a blog can boost your Web site traffic

If this is intriguing, you can download the webcast about how to use blogs for tech marketing at no cost whatsoever. Registration only take a moment, and we won’t ever share your contact info with anyone. Period.

And if you’re interested in more in-depth information about using blogs and other social media, such as the costs—and, more importantly, how to keep them down, you should check out our full webinar: How I Rode the Social Media Wave: Lessons Learned from a Technology Marketing Effort.

BTW, if you do download the webcast and are wanting to know more about identifying the right keywords to use in your blog posts, you might want to check out our free webcast Research Tip: Developing Keywords.


–By Karen Hiser