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Using the Value Chain in Tech Transfer Marketing: A Free Webcast

As my colleague Becky Stoughton discussed here, a crucial step in commercializing technology — whether for a startup or a technology transfer office (TTO) — is to talk with key players in the market. But how do you create that list of relevant names and phone numbers? Well, the first step for Fuentek when we’re helping clients ramp up to technology marketing is to construct the value chain.

valuechain-webcast-iconToday, we’re releasing a new webcast that discusses how to develop a value chain to identify whom to contact to get the best market feedback on the technology.

What Is the Value Chain?

The value chain charts the sequence of companies (or collaborating players) that take a product from raw material to final product or service to satisfy market demand. It maps the categories of players within a segment of an industry, providing context about the supplier-customer relationships. It not only outlines the primary players in an industry but also helps you think through how the technology will deliver added value to this industry.

Why Is the Value Chain Important for Tech Transfer?

A well-constructed value chain gives you a clear understanding of the industry players, how they interact, and where the technology fits into the market. It is an essential tool to identify target markets and prospective licensees. It can also help ensure that you don’t waste time talking to companies who may be “interested” in your technology because they may want to use it but are not in the right value chain position to license it.

Download a Free 3-Minute Webcast

We at Fuentek feel the value chain is such an important part of the tech transfer process that we have prepared a new webcast about it. In just 3 minutes, viewers will see an example of how to construct and use the value chain to understand the IP landscape in a technology area and identify potential licensees and industry experts to interview.