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Virtual teams are a SMART approach to running your organization

You can improve your enterprise’s Success by establishing and Managing a virtual team to enhance your organization’s Agility and increase staff Retention by leveraging modern, low-cost, ubiquitous Technology.

Increasingly more enterprise leaders are achieving greater success by establishing organization goals, objectives and performance metrics that empower their staff. Associates gain greater satisfaction through increased flexibility and productivity to get their job done while focusing more on results than office arrival and departure times. To achieve successful staff empowerment, leaders should establish clear goals, utilize proactive and consistent communications, and maintain trust between staff and management.

Over the past several years, technology that can support a virtual office has advanced considerably and this new technology aligns well with the current focus on enterprise environmental impact and our personal carbon footprint.

The following are just a few of the direct and indirect cost savings associated through empowering and managing virtual team:

  • Reduced commuting environmental costs (fuel, CO2 emissions)
  • Increased productive time due to reduced commuting time
  • Lower conditioned space costs (lease, electric, gas, water, janitorial, waste & recycling removal, grounds keeping, insurance, etc.)
  • Reduced infrastructure and office supply costs (computer servers, desktop/notebook computers, printers, phone systems, IT support resources, etc.)
  • Improved productivity (fewer distractions and non-essential break room discussions)

Virtual environments have moved well beyond social media and digital gaming and into the workplace within many leading organizations.

—By Jack Spain


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