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Free Webinars Help Companies Get the Most Out of Their IP

As regular readers of the Fuentek blog know, we are big proponents of actively managing the intellectual property (IP) portfolio as a strategic asset. This is as important for companies as it is for universities, government agencies, medical and other research organizations, foundations, and the like. Companies that manage their IP more passively risk missing out on potential new revenue streams and cost-saving opportunities.

So, Fuentek teamed up with PatSnap to offer a series of free webinars to help companies get the most out of their IP portfolios. Today’s post provides an overview of—and, more importantly, easy links to—that webinar series.

Specifically designed for leaders in private companies, these webinars also provide valuable information for hospitals, universities, governments, foundations, and other research organizations.


Your IP Portfolio: Strategic Asset or a Drain on Resources?

Leading companies actively manage their IP portfolio as a strategic and financial asset. Those that are more passive are missing out on potential new revenue streams or cost-saving opportunities. But they don’t have to.

In this PatSnap webinar, I provided a guide to active management of your IP portfolio:

Are you sitting on a potential goldmine? Watch the webinar to begin to find out.


Finding the Fit Within the Market and Patent Landscape

This webinar presents best practices for analyzing whether a technology aligns with market needs. Topics covered include:
  • Using objective criteria to determine a technology’s market fit
  • Articulating the technology’s benefits, applications, and value proposition
  • Conducting effective market and patent research
  • An example illustrating the value of this approach

For a primer on determining whether and how a technology fits into the market, check out this blog post and then watch the free PatSnap webinar.


How to Maximize Your ROI Using Intellectual Property Data

After you register to watch this free webinar, you’ll hear my insights on how IP data can be used to identify and pursue commercialization opportunities. This includes:

  • Identifying marketing targets
  • Determining their interest
  • Verifying market fit and collecting feedback
  • Prioritizing applications for the IP
  • Developing a licensing/commercialization strategy for your IP

For a quick preview of what the webinar covers, check out this blog post by Fuentek’s Danielle McCulloch.


5 Things IP and R&D Teams Should Never Hide from Each Other

Collaboration is key to the success of an organization’s IP and R&D departments. Rather than operate independently, truly successful IP offices and R&D units maintain open lines of communication. Such engagement maximizes the value of patenting and commercialization resources while ensuring the investment in R&D doesn’t go to waste.

As a pioneer of Symbiotic Innovation, I have long advocated having a strong connection between R&D and the IP management departments of innovation organizations. Fill out the form to watch this PatSnap webinar and learn the five key ways you can improve IP-R&D collaboration in your innovation organization.


Patents: Sell, License, or Scrap

During this panel discussion on managing the patent portfolio, I focus on the importance of evaluating and understanding the market interest in a patent as well as how it fits within your product offerings to understand how to manage your IP. Remember: Managing your IP includes renewals on patent fees and licensing when there is external interest that does not compete with your product offerings.

It’s important to make a deliberate decision about paying maintenance fees on a patent. Ask yourself:

  • Is it being used in a product line?
  • Is it still at the cutting-edge and not surpassed by other technologies on the market?
  • Is there a need to keep it to protect against infringement?
  • Is there an opportunity to license it?

If the answers to these questions is “No,” then why keep paying to renew the patent? Learn more by registering to access the recorded webinar.


Leveraging Sponsored Research: Better Access to Early-Stage Innovation

More and more, universities and industry are bridging the gap between innovation and commercialization by working together much earlier in the R&D process. Under sponsored research agreements (SRAs), universities can tailor their research to specific industry needs, while companies can access the latest developments as well as the brightest and most talented individuals. During this webinar, I discuss;

  • How to start sourcing strategic sponsorship deals
  • Where to begin with searching for universities conducting relevant research
  • How to engage in conversations for partnerships
  • The benefits of the sponsored-research approach

All you have to do to learn more is register to access the recorded webinar.


I hope you find these webinars useful. To learn more about how Fuentek can help your company proactively manage its IP to increase revenue and reduce costs, contact us today.