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It’s Webinar Week: NREL’s LED Technology, Competitive Technical Intelligence (CTI)

This week finds me online discussing a range of topics that may be of interest to our readers.

Tuesday: Achieving Brilliant White Light with Amber LEDs

StandardLEDsVsNRELamberLEDFuentek is assisting the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in transferring this technology, which is quickly closing the LED “green gap.” NREL’s new patent-pending technology will make it easier to manufacture low-cost Amber LEDs that — when combined with red, green and blue LEDs — produce a broad-spectrum white light that is more efficient than current LEDs.

As will be discussed by inventor Dr. Kirstin Alberi, this new technology results in a low-cost, easy-to-manufacture white LED, with improved luminosity. In addition, this color-mixing approach avoids the energy loss associated with producing white light via conventional LEDs. This new approach will have an impact across multiple industries, including solid-state lighting (SSL), photovoltaics, and lasers. NREL’s Dr. Yoriko Morita will discuss how to apply for a license. The webinar will include a Q&A session.

  • Register for the NREL webinar, which starts at 2pm EST tomorrow — it’s free
  • Read more about the technology — lists benefits and applications, provides technical details, and offers links to even more information

This is an exciting project for Fuentek. The technology behind NREL’s Amber LEDs and the color-mixing approach has the power to revolutionize numerous markets for SSL between industries and businesses down to the consumer. We are eager to share the science behind this cutting-edge technology developed by NREL in order to explore one of the most efficient light sources we have ever seen.

Thursday: Using Competitive Technical Intelligence (CTI) Techniques to Assess University Patents

Picture 1Offered by Tech Transfer Central on December 12th, this webinar will focus on how to use CTI to determine which inventions have the greatest chance for commercial success, identifying marketable applications and potential partners, and how to get the attention of busy decision makers. Longtime readers of our blog know that we’ve discussed competitive intelligence extensively, particularly regarding how it relates to technology evaluation. I look forward to the discussion and hope you will join us.