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Why Can’t I Just Start Marketing? A Tech Transfer Webcast

Though it may be tempting to jump immediately into marketing an exciting technology that seems bound for tech transfer success, it’s important to look before you leap to ensure you’re making the best decisions about where to allocate your finite time and resources. Proactive research and planning is critical for developing marketing strategies that are efficient and cost-effective.

We’ve blogged about this in our posts about screening technologies for their market fit and ramping up to marketing.

Conducting market-based research is so essential to technology transfer success that Fuentek has released a free webcast about it. We wanted to more fully explain the importance of proactively gathering the market-based information you need to fully understand market interest and assemble a successful marketing plan.

In less than 5 minutes you’ll learn the what and why of market-based assessments:

  • Why rushing into marketing can cause you to miss out on key opportunities to increase technology transfer success
  • The information you need for successful tech transfer marketing, which the market-based assessment provides
  • The differences between the initial two stages (screening and assessment) of the IP portfolio management process and the important role each one plays

For more information about how Fuentek can help you evaluate technologies and prepare for — and even implement — technology marketing, contact Fuentek today.