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Why Do Screenings—Webcast Now Available

If your technology transfer office (TTO) has a large tech portfolio, you certainly don’t have time to actively market every innovation. Even if your portfolio is on the smaller side, doing so is probably not the most efficient use of your time and resources. Let’s face it, some technologies have greater market potential than others. That’s why Fuentek finds our technology screening process to be critical to efficiently weeding out technologies that are not ready for licensing, helping you get to the best—fast.

We now have a free webcast available that can help you understand the real value of screenings

  • How screenings can make you more efficient
  • Statistics about results of screenings processes at both specialized research labs and large research facilities
  • What can happen if you don’t screen your technologies

Laura Schoppe also recently blogged about the cost of skipping technology screenings.

If you’re interested in more details, our full screening process is outlined in detail in our webinar, A Step-by-Step Process for Technology Screenings: Technology Triage for TTO Professionals and Interns. The full webinar is available on video.