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Wind Turbine Experts: Look to NASA

I have a message for the industry leaders tasked with keeping the nation’s wind turbines turning, many of whom will gather in Dallas for the 2nd annual U.S. Wind Energy Operations & Maintenance Summit

Raise your eyes above the tops of your turbine blades and look to the stars. You have a lot in common with NASA.

NASA’s Ames Research Center in California’s Silicon Valley wants to partner with wind turbine OEMs and O&M experts to accelerate progress toward enhanced renewable energy while advancing NASA program goals.

The center’s expertise in intelligent adaptive controls, prognostics and health management, and advanced design tools makes it an ideal partner for the burgeoning wind energy industry. Consider these near-term possibilities:

  • Increased ROI with turbines that capture more energy out of a single breeze
  • Quieter turbines by reducing vibrations and noise
  • Maintenance that happens exactly when it’s needed, not according to rough estimates that often occur too early or—worse—too late
  • The ability to control the turbine so that it can keep operating, even when degraded, to avoid further damage until the next scheduled maintenance
  • Reduced O&M costs by determining remaining useful life (RUL) of your turbine’s components

Sound far fetched? It really isn’t. Researchers at Ames are at the cutting-edge and have published several papers on using adaptive controls with wind turbines.

Put simply: Wind turbine manufacturers, owners and operators have a lot to gain from collaborating with Ames.

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