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Worth Reading: Advice and Ideas for Tech Transfer Marketing

It’s time for March’s installment of articles, blogs, videos, and the like that have caught the attention of the folks here at Fuentek. This month features several items related to marketing, several of which we saw on the weekly IP Marketing eNews (a great free resource, as is its Wednesday counterpart: Tech Transfer eNews). And speaking of tech transfer marketing, I’ll be copresenting the Effective Technology Marketing webinar that Danielle McCulloch blogged about last week. Looking forward to that!

How Your Dog Can Teach You to Speak to Your Audience: We actually noticed this one a few months back, but its message about the need to understand your audience and what’s important to them is not to be missed. And you gotta love the line: “I’m speaking Gorilla-ish to dogs. To me, I’m saying ‘Buy my stuff,’ but they hear, ‘Run away! I’m a dork.'” Good Howie!

Five Keys to More Effective Blogging: We’re longtime proponents of incorporating a blog into your overall and tech-specific marketing strategies. (Our advice on how to go about doing this has been gathered into the Social Media Tools sub-section of our Online Presence Insights.) The suggestions provided by Deborah Shane are definitely worth keeping in mind as well.

For Video: Make It Short, Make It Punchy and Get to the Point: This post provides cold, hard data on why shorter is almost always better when it comes to videos. It also gives great advice about how to make the most of those early seconds, when most of your audience is still with you.

Get Moving on Mobile Marketing Strategy or Miss the Boat: How often are you accessing the Web via a device other than your computer? ‘Nuff said. This article is chock-full of advice about how to get started with what it refers to as “a holistic mobile marketing approach.”

Here’s an interesting marketing/PR idea. Rather than the typical rubber-chicken dinner, the University of Cincinnati honors patent recipients during a basketball game (check out the photos here). What a great idea, particularly this year’s switch from doing this at halftime to the first time out of the second half, when I suspect more people are in their seats rather than off getting refreshments. (Thanks @OEATC for the extra info you provided!)

Finally, there’s been a lot in the ‘sphere recently from astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who hosts NOVA scienceNOW and is director of the Hayden Planetarium. The publication of his new book Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier garnered him a lengthy discussion on National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation Science Friday. But if you only have a few minutes, check out Dr. Tyson’s recent testimony before Congress. Or, if you want to watch something more passionate, check out this 5-minute “What NASA Means to America’s Future” video clip from his April 2010 University at Buffalo speech. Great stuff!

So what great things are you reading, be it marketing related or otherwise? Submit a comment below or contact us privately.


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