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Improving Data Integrity: Boost TTO Operations and Gain Reliability in Your Invention Management Database

Presented in partnership with Tech Transfer Central • November 21, 2019

A technology transfer office’s (TTO’s) invention management database is a crucial tool in responding quickly and accurately to stakeholder requests for information as well as gaining insights on operations. But all too often the data produced falls short of needs and expectations due to errors, inconsistencies, and incompleteness.

Regardless of what type of system your TTO uses, this detailed webinar will help you learn how to significantly improve data collection and reporting to enhance your office’s performance and its responsiveness to stakeholders. The agenda includes:

  • What is data integrity and why is it important?
  • Impacts of lack of data integrity
  • Start with the end in mind: What types of reports are likely to be needed?
  • Understanding the current situation: Where are the holes, errors, inconsistencies?
  • Identifying the gap between what you have and what you need
  • Standardizing data entry
  • Tips and tactics for making data clean-up easier
  • Maintaining database integrity going forward
  • Case study