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Promotion and Tenure Trends: Current Initiatives to Take Commercialization into Account

Recording courtesy of AUTM • presented April 21, 2020

Five years ago, the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU) issued a report calling on its member institutions to include technology transfer, innovation, and entrepreneurship accomplishments in the promotion and tenure (P&T) review process. At that time, APLU had identified 40 institutions that considered tech transfer activities in making P&T decisions. In the half-decade that followed, even more universities—public and private—have included patents, industry-sponsored research, and other related activities into P&T criteria. This session examines a range of issues associated with including tech transfer in P&T reviews. It also discusses the Promotion & Tenure Innovation & Entrepreneurship (PTIE) Coalition, which is a rapidly growing group of universities who will leverage their collective experiences to develop a plan for inclusively recognizing I&E impact within P&T guidelines.