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Setting TTO Performance Benchmarks Based on Comparable Data Sets of Peer Institutions

Presented in partnership with Tech Transfer Central • September 9, 2020

If your university’s research expenditures are $200 million, does it make sense to compare your metrics to a technology transfer office (TTO) whose spending is $750 million? Meaningful benchmarks and metrics are born from normalized data—that is, data derived from peer institutions—analyzed and drilled down to provide you with a panoramic view of where you are, where you’d like to be, and how to get there.

Normalizing the data ensures a true picture when identifying strengths and vulnerabilities in areas such as funding, patents, licenses, revenues, staffing, start-ups, and more. And now, when many TTOs are faced with harsh budget cuts, this kind of analysis can help pinpoint and validate where adjustments are needed. These measures can also provide TTOs with the data needed to convince administrators they require more resources if they are expected to help the institution attain lofty objectives.

This detailed webinar explores methods for setting reasonable benchmarks for your TTO’s performance based on linear peer data comparisons.