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Standard Operating Procedures for TTOs: How Consistency Can Improve TTO Performance and Productivity

Presented in partnership with Tech Transfer Central • September 25, 2019

All technology transfer offices (TTOs) strive for efficiency and consistency when triaging technologies or moving an innovation through the commercialization process, but few actually take the time to map out their procedures. But without standard operating procedures (SOPs), your TTO is prone to splintered communication among staff, less than optimal quality of work, decreased productivity, and a generalized perception of disorganization.

Well-drafted SOPs document exactly what your office does, who does what, and how it is done most effectively. Though time-consuming to develop, the reward for investing in SOPs is a higher performing and more efficient operation, consistency in recordkeeping, faster integration of new staff, and more—all of which will lead to higher morale and ultimately more licenses and startups.

This detailed, how-to webinar with two Fuentek experts is designed to help you and your staff make the most of SOPs while avoiding potential pitfalls.