Intellectual Property Management

Fuentek is the industry leader in IP management consulting services.

Our team has helped scores of clients worldwide manage their IP proactively, effectively, efficiently:

Universities / Companies / Governments / Hospitals / Foundations / Research Organizations

Broad Expertise

Our team of  highly experienced IP management consultants can effectively manage any technology in any industry.


We have helped clients save millions of dollars, increase revenue, and sign hundreds of licensing and other agreements.


We provide training and mentoring to build your in-house IP management capabilities.

IP Portfolio Prioritization

Fuentek studied the entire portfolio and determined the strengths and weaknesses. With this insight, our team has a better understanding of the processes needed to increase the value of the portfolio.”

NASA field center
licensing manager

Focus your resources / Achieve Positive Metrics

We rapidly screen your portfolio to identify which inventions have the highest potential. We organize those technologies into groups for efficient marketing and map out next steps for proactive IP management.

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Technology Evaluation & Strategy Development

The report is brilliant! Fuentek has certainly taken technology assessment reports to a whole new level of thoroughness, accessibility and overall usefulness.”

University tech
transfer director

Gain market feedback / Make informed decisions

We analyze the invention’s market fit, developing the best strategy for patenting, commercialization, and other IP management options. We give you everything you need to start marketing.

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I am especially pleased with how Fuentek has reached out to industry, making contacts with prospective licensees and doing such an excellent job at marketing our technologies.”

NASA field center
chief of tech transfer

Target the right audience / Bring them to the table

Using our persuasive marketing collateral and proven best practices, we identify and contact qualified prospects likely to have interest in your technology. We cultivate strong leads, with a constant focus on moving toward negotiations.

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The analysis you did and the reviews were extremely helpful. We appreciated both the quality of the review and the speed in which you did it.”

Dept. of Energy lab
director of tech transfer

Understand the value / Get the best deals

We offer due diligence, commercialization plan evaluation, deal valuation, negotiation guidance, and startup assessment. We also help you construct offers and counter-offers.

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R&D Sponsor/Partner Identification

The report will provide us a baseline for proposal work in the next fiscal year. Thanks for all the leg work you did to find the research being done in this technology area. The report provides very good info that we didn’t previously have.”

NASA field center

Fill the gap / Accelerate innovation

We match complementary capabilities, facilities, technologies, and expertise to maximize resources while achieving R&D goals. Plus, we help structure and negotiate win-win collaboration deals.

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Technology Sourcing

The patent suite that you helped us to acquire is a central asset to our firm as we move forward in setting up manufacturing operations in India. Fuentek helped us to better understand the portfolio, and what would be necessary to reach mutually beneficial deal terms.”

Private company

Find solutions you need / Secure the deal you want

We identify and secure relevant research and innovations to address your technical challenges. We can help you take a strategic, proactive, symbiotic approach to open innovation and IP management.

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