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Choosing the Right Marketing Mechanisms
There is so much preparation that goes into technology transfer marketing, and one of the most important steps is choosing the right mechanisms for the message you’ve crafted for your technology. Fuentek typically chooses among a range of mechanisms, depending on our client’s technology, the target prospects, and the expected return on investment (the O in AMMO). In our new webcast, we lay out some tips and guidance about choosing mechanisms for your technology marketing efforts.
Marketing Your Technologies Online
Online listings are a great way to market technologies–whether you are actively seeking licensees, or passively marketing the technology to potential partners. Fuentek has developed a proven strategy for marketing technologies online, and in a new webcast we share some great insights about how (and why) to take advantage of online tech marketing. We’ll show you what an effective technology marketing Web page looks like, with info about the must-have elements to include and a real-world example for further insight.
Get the Know-How on Using Inventor Podcasts to Market Technologies
When giving prospects expert information about a technology available for licensing, there’s nothing like getting the facts straight from the horse’s mouth. Or, in our case, the inventor’s mouth! For some of Fuentek’s efforts to secure licensees or partners for client technologies, the inventor has played a key role. Inventors add a perspective that few others can bring to the table, and they can lend extremely important credibility to your marketing message. One great way to use inventors effectively in technology marketing is to have them record podcasts about their technologies.
What Makes for a Good Blog Post for Technology Marketing?
As regular readers of the Fuentek blog know, we believe that social media is an efficient and effective tool to boost your technology transfer office’s (TTO’s) online presence, driving more licensing prospects to your Web site and feeding the pipeline that helps you secure more deals. Perhaps the most powerful way to drive traffic to your TTO’s Web site is to blog about the technologies you have available for licensing.
How Does Your Marketing Message Sound? Free Webcast Now Available!
Fuentek is a big believer in the power of a specific, tailored marketing message. Our own marketing communications process follows the AMMO approach: Audience Message Mechanism Outcome. You may have read about AMMO on our blog in the past, but we wanted to highlight a few more details of this approach, specifically related to the Message. So, we’ve put together a free webcast to give you expert insight into the nuances of Crafting Your Tech Marketing Message.
MORE Video Offers Interesting Way of Explaining Tech Transfer Through New Materials
A video lecture on the popular site recently caught my attention as an interesting and entertaining way of explaining the big idea behind most tech transfer efforts. In the video, Zach Kaplan and Keith Schacht, co-founders of Inventables, a com …
“The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!” How to Describe Your Technology
To be successful in licensing your intellectual property, you have to be able to describe it well. A new paper gives some useful advice on how to write an effective technology description, which is a key aspect of marketing intellectual property. You can download the “How to Write an Effective Technology Marketing Description” paper.
Best Practices for Intellectual Property Listing Sites
At least a dozen intellectual property (IP) listing Web sites exist today. Effective placement of your IP on these Web sites can yield low-cost leads for your technology commercialization program. Nonprofits can especially benefit from these sites, as …
Tips and Tricks for Creating High-Quality Software Demonstrations
Commercializing software presents a number of unique challenges. Creating a high-quality, self-running demonstration can alleviate some of the skepticism typical of the software industry, help increase the quality of your technology commercialization l …
Online Tools Save Time and Money and Enhance Your Technology Commercialization Marketing
Leveraging online tools such as Web sites, blogs, Web conferences, video demonstrations, podcasts, etc. can save you time and money and greatly enhance your technology commercialization efforts. These online tools allow you to effectively reach a large …